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About Us ...


Since 13 Years, we introduced famous brand name of medical device into pharmacist channel


 Thanks to our medical device sales expertise we introducing you easily on the pharmacist market on those range of product.

As a partners in your plans we offer you support and guidance in your strategy to fit it with pharmacist requirements. (Market price, Market Analysis, Benchmark, PharmacistPrice/Margin)


We have an pharmacist’s expertise over pre-sales , sales and logistic .

We make all registration required per exemple if some medical device has to be rembourse by health insurance en france we dot it.  

4 years ago we developed a new division specializes in to sell product of our own brand name, this from medical device to food supplements

Thanks to our large client portofolio ,our main purpose in adding this is to facilitate your introduction into pharmacist's channel in france.


We meet all logistic requirements for pharmacist to be able to be reactive and efficiente regarding all customers.

O.S.I.Staff is dedicated to the same aim : our customers’ satisfaction in line with the ethic of you brand.

  • About 2500 Pharmacist Customers
  • Sellers are always adjust to the demand of the manufacturer   …. “Flexibility”….
  • Best way to fit pharmacist’s Market over french market
  • From A to Z solution to implent your brand
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